Long Stay Car Park Gatwick North

Gatwick airport's own parking system.

Gatwick long stay car parks include Summer Special,Long Stay North Terminal,Long Stay South Terminal & Long Stay Plus South Terminal.Full Information here.
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Long Stay Car Park Gatwick North

Post by GCPADMIN » Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:15 am

The long stay car park at Gatwick airport north terminal is run by Gatwick airport itself.
Long stay airport parking at Gatwick is effectively 'on airport parking' and is a 'Park & Ride service, or even known as 'Park & Stay' too, however that is a less common phrase.
'Park and Stay' Gatwick north,'Park and Stay Gatwick' and 'Park and Stay Gatwick airport' will give you almost identical Google search results to 'on airport parking' and also 'long stay parking'. It is important to get that out into the open as it can understandable confuse many people.
Okay, so now that is cleaed up, let us give you a quick explanation of how the long stay airport parking at the north terminal works exactly. Well the first thing to realise is that it works exactly the same as at the south terminal.
You basically drive your car to the Gatwick airport long stay car park, unload and jump on a shuttle bus which takes you to the airport terminal. Now, there are a couple of things to note here. Generally speaking you get to keep your car keys if you park the car yourself, however, there is an option to have someone else park your car which would means that you do not get to keep your car keys. The second point to note is that your car park will be within the perimeter fence of Gatwick airport itself.
On your way back from your travels you just reverse the whole process. So, basically you meet up with the shuttle bus at the terminal, jump on with your luggage and you are then taken to the nearby long stay car park and you can unload and be on a your way.
On a final note, as you are dealing direct with Gatwick airport then you can rest assured that their car parks are going to be Park Mark and Buy With Confidence accredited.

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