Gatwick Valet Caught Driving Customer’s Car At 131mph

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Gatwick Valet Caught Driving Customer’s Car At 131mph

Post by GCPADMIN » Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:43 pm

Sean Beckerleg used a Gatwick meet and greet company only to find on his return that his five-month-old blue Audi S3 had been driven over 130 mph by the valet driver who collected it.
Sean said: ‘As soon as anyone switches my car on, it starts recording and it logs lots of different types of information from GPS, Gforce, the miles per hour, the date, time, everything.
‘I can even live stream the video to my phone if I want.
‘I was pretty annoyed when he did 70mph in a 30mph zone. But when I saw him doing 131mph in a 50mph zone I was livid.
‘The roads were clear, but that’s irrelevant.
‘I could have ended up with a speeding ticket or ban without even doing anything wrong.’
We report stories like this to remind people why they should only use Gatwick airport approved airport parking companies.
Video footage of speeding valet driver.

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